All support is provided via our support ticketing system.

What support can do:

  1. Provide answers to “How to” questions,
  2. provide instructions for the Services,
  3. first port of call to any Services issues ,
  4. first port of call to any concern of incident, misuse or security issues,
  5. explain Services options,
  6. provide feedback and suggestions.

We will answer all support tickets in a timely manner, on a first come first serve basis with the same priority. We can’t guarantee a response time but we aim to respond to your ticket within 24 working hours. Our support team is open Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm GMT, except for UK public holiday.

We do not provide any personal, banking, or billing information on your support ticket. Out support team can only answer account queries for Service accounts registered using the same email address.

Any billing and subscription decision has to be approved by BeCloudify Accounts Team by written confirmation. You can contact the Accounts Team using the email address or registered address on your latest invoice.

Support Priority definitions:

  1. Low – Non-critical, question/issues, feedback and suggestions.
  2. Normal – Minor issues. Not disruptive to business operations.
  3. High – Causing some lost of functionality and disruptive to business operations.
  4. Emergency – Services are down.

Support staff cannot implement any customisation on your behalf or provide customisation solutions.